The following resources, all of which the participants in this site have read, are suggested to anyone who is interested in thinking further about the role that the contingent present plays in fabricating a nostalgic past.

Gary Arndt, “7 Reasons Why the ‘Authentic’ Travel Experience is a Myth” (from The Atlantic, March 8, 2011)

Robert Browning, “The Parthenon in History” (from The Parthenon Marbles, 1987/2008; PDF)

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Fritz Graf, “What is Ancient Mediterranean Religion?” (from Religions of the Ancient World: A Guide, 2004; PDF)

Jill Lepore, “Just the Facts Ma’am: Fake Memories, Factual Fictions, and the History of History” (from The New Yorker, March 24, 2008; PDF)

Antonis Liakos, “The Construction of National Time: The Making of the Modern Greek Historical Imagination” (from The Political Uses of the Past, 2002; PDF)

Bruce Lincoln, “Epilogue” (from Religions of the Ancient World: A Guide, 2004; PDF)

Michel-Rolph Trouillot, “The Power in the Story” (from Silencing the Past, 1995; PDF)